The right public affairs and lobbying strategy

Organizations want to innovate. Via the adoption of digital technology, the use of data or the introduction of new -disruptive- business models. These types of innovations naturally have an impact on operations, but often also on the outside world. As soon as innovations affect other stakeholders, the public debate starts. How can your organization keep a grip on this discussion?   

What effects your innovations have on other stakeholders is not always immediately clear. At the same time, the influence of these stakeholders on the relevant legislative and regulatory framework can be significant. It is therefore important to be part of the discussion in the public domain at an early stage. The right public affairs strategy will help you do this.  

Getting a grip on the public debate  

You would like to stay in control. But lack a plan of approach. How can your organization take up a meaningful position in the public debate? And how can you influence the decision-making process?   

Considerati Public Affairs helps you gain and maintain public support. We help you better understand the dynamics in politics and society, so that you can make better decisions. We increase understanding and trust in your organization's strategy among relevant stakeholders in politics, business, and the media.    

We do this by identifying and analyzing relevant social trends. We identify emerging legislation and regulations at an early stage and can provide you with the right lobbying and communication strategy.   

International partners 

Political and social issues surrounding digitalization, data, labor market, competition and innovation are of course not limited to borders. Considerati Public Affairs knows its way within the European Union and can provide you with comprehensive advice in Brussels. We also have a strong network in Berlin, London, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Copenhagen and Stockholm. Through our Associate Principal Consultant Jan Barnes, based in San Francisco, we bridge the gap to the US.  

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Overview of services


We help you define your strategy to create social and political support or to realize a specific (policy) goal.

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Stakeholder Analysis & Management

We create an overview of your stakeholder environment and advise and support you in building relationships with stakeholders.

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Effective Lobby

We help you to conduct an effective lobby by guiding you in accessing decision-makers, together with strategic advice and creative substantive support.

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Monitoring and political intelligence

We continuously monitor new developments in politics, government, business and media regulators for risks and opportunities for your organization. We do this on the basis of public sources, but also through signals that we receive through our network.

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Strategic Communication

We help reduce complex stories to understandable messages that you can more easily convey to stakeholders.

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Interim & Training

We offer (temporary) extra manpower with our Public Affairs experts whom you can deploy on behalf of your organization. We also offer Public Affairs training through which you can improve your public affairs activities and relationships or learn how to build them up.

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Regulatory Impact Assessment

Gain insight in how policy developments affect your business operations, which strategic choices can be made, and what the consequences are. Determine your policy position early and make better strategic choices. 

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Even after leaving the European Union, the United Kingdom remains an influential cooperation partner for the EU and for the Netherlands. We help you determine the right public affairs strategy with regards to both sides of the North Sea.  

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Data Breach

We help you maintain the trust of your environment in the event of a data breach.

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Digital Transformation

In an increasingly fierce debate about technology, we help you to optimise the position of your transformation in the social debate.

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Legislation is increasingly determined in the EU. We help you to make an impact not only in the Netherlands but also in Brussels.

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We help ensure timely and accurate responses to election agendas - from Dutch City Council to European Parliament, from party programs to coalition negotiations and implementation of the next coalition agreement.  

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The world after a crisis can look very different. Considerati offers a compass to help you identify relevant issues, strategically anticipate future developments, and formulate a timely and future-oriented public affairs strategy. 

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