Which requirements must our innovation (soon) meet?

Requirements in existing laws and regulations are not always easy to translate to new technologies. In addition, future legislation can have a major impact on the requirements imposed on innovative technology.

With our Regulatory Impact Assessment, you gain insight in how policy developments affect your business operations, which strategic choices can be made, and what the consequences are.

Depending on your specific case, we analyze one or more external developments, uncover innovative projects and ambitions of your organization, and report in a format that has the most added value for you. For example, a strategy session, report, presentation, or workshop.

This provides you with a clear grasp of external (policy)developments and what they mean for your organization. This gives you a starting point to better estimate future legal, ethical and social aspects of new technology. This way you can determine your policy position early and make better strategic choices.

European AI legislation 
To test whether future European AI legislation affects your company and therefore has consequences for your company, Considerati facilitates a Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA). A RIA gives answers to questions such as: 
(i) Does AI legislation affect your business? 
(ii) What type of AI systems (high / low) does your company develop or use? 
(iii) What legal obligations must your high-risk system comply with? 
(iv) What risks does your company run if the legislation is not properly implemented? 
(v) What (strategic) choice(s) do you need to make before the legislation enters into force?
A RIA ensures that you can determine a solide position with regard to upcoming legislation. Considerati is happy to assist you with this.

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