Do your innovations comply with (privacy) laws and regulations?

When processing data from customers, employees, patients or citizens, you must comply with privacy laws. Failure to abide by these rules will not only harm the rights of those involved, but you also risk high fines and reputational damage. To prevent this, you want a clear approach with an eye for your business interests. But for that you lack the expertise or capacity within your own organisation.

Advice, interim services and training

With our Advice, Interim and Academy offer, we help your organization to innovate carefree within the framework set by privacy legislation. Considerati specialises in all facets of privacy law and related legislation, such as in the fields of healthcare, data exchange by governments, e-commerce and IT law.


We provide your organisation with pragmatic advice and ensure its implementation. We avoid theoretical exercises without losing the necessary depth. We provide specialist and support for data-related questions and incidents to take urgent measures.


We are happy to support you on an interim basis. This can be done in-house at your workplace, or remotely. Our consultants can support you in various roles, for example as a privacy officer or DPO (Data Protection Officer). Depending on your needs, we can provide these interim services for you for a short or longer period.


It is also possible to follow privacy courses with us. You can contact us for both the five-part training to become a fully fledged Data Protection Officer (Data Protection Officer) and individual modules. Note that all our courses are taught in Dutch.

Overview of services

Privacy advice

We advise on the GDPR and related legislation; drafting agreements, procedures and documents and negotiating agreements.

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Incident Management

During requests, investigations or enforcement actions by the Dutch Data Protection Authority, we help you to respond appropriately, in view of your business interests and reputation.

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IT & Telecom advice

Discover how we limit your legal privacy risks and improve (social) reputation. Read more about what we can do for you.

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Privacy Awareness Training

Considerati relieves the DPO or privacy officer within your organization by offering tailor-made training for your organization.

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Data Protection Impact Assessment

By performing a DPIA you gain insight into the privacy risks of your new service or product.

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Privacy Integration

We help you make an inventory of the privacy maturity of the company / business unit concerned and draw up a privacy integration plan, in which the most important gaps are addressed first in a risk-based manner.

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DPO as a Service

With DPO-as-a-service you have a qualified Data Protection Officer without major investments.

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DPO Support

With DPO Support, your DPO receives support from consultants with more than ten years of experience in the field.

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Privacy Officer / Legal Counsel

Our privacy consultants can assist your organisation in different ways. By supporting your legal team, or as an interim privacy officer. Contact our legal team for more information regarding this service.


Do you have any questions?

If you have any further questions about our legal services, please do not hesitate to contact our advisors.

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