Do you sufficiently comply with the rules and regulation?

Like any organisation, you want to keep on progressing. To make sure you progress, you need to be able to utilise the latest forms of technology. There are numerous examples of technologies that will make the provision of services towards your target audience easier. For example:

  • New techniques to enrich the profiles of your target audience;
  • Facial recognition as a replacement for passwords and PIN codes;
  • The development of an internal online portal to support better co-operation between your employees;
  • Sharing of relevant data with other organisations. 

All these innovations contribute to the progression of your organisation and will bring your organisation’s achievements to a higher level.

As with the progression of technology, so with the progression of rules and regulation regarding technology. Innovative technology cannot be implemented without complying with rules and regulation which are protecting the rights and freedoms of data subjects. Your organisation has made the first steps to achieve this, but it is missing the expertise or capacity to implement these rules and regulations organisation-wide and in an in-depth manner.

Firstly, the latter will inhibit the implementation and utilisation of new technologies. Secondly, the organisation is at risk for getting fined (with possible consequences for the reputation of the organisation).

Considerati Legal Advice & Interim

Considerati offers advisory and interim services, so that your organisation will be able to implement and utilize new technologies in a responsible way. As an authority on both sides of the coin, legal and public affairs, we will guide your organisation through complex rules and regulations. We do this both by giving your organisation legal advice and help with implementation of said advise.


Our Legal team will give your organisation tailor-made advise, based on the wishes and needs of your organisation. We will implement these advices in a pragmatic and efficient manner in line with your organisation’s strategy. We avoid unnecessary theoretical and abstract advice, without losing the required depth of our advice.


Furthermore, Considerati offers the service of a Data Protection Officer (DPO) on an interim basis. This DPO will be able to work remotely and/or in the workplace of your organisation. If extra legal manpower is what you need, in the same way Considerati is able to offer this for a various length of terms. 


Do you have any questions?

If you have any further questions about our legal services, please do not hesitate to contact our advisors.