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Legal and public affairs consultancy

Considerati helps technology and data-driven organisations attain their objectives within the law, in a way which will help them garner public support. We will strengthen your organisation by listening to you, proactively contributing ideas, providing practical support and advising you on issues which have not yet been fully charted, either by legislators or by public opinion.

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Trusted by the biggest names in the market

For over 10 years, companies and organizations rely on Considerati's knowledge. We have been working together with a lot of our customers for many years. This has led to a strong bond of trust from both sides and to references in the Financial Times Top 1000 and winning FD Gazellen awards.


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About us

Partners for the digital world

Considerati is the privacy and public affairs consultancy for the digital world. Global and emerging technology and data driven organisations rely on our expertise and client-oriented solutions for more than 10 years.

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