When do I need a DPIA?

When you are developing new services or products which involve the use of personal details, we recommend that you have the privacy aspects associated with said service or product assessed. This can be done through a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA). Considerati performs DPIAs based on the latest scientific findings and best practices, which will be sure to give you a good understanding of your potential risks and items of improvement. When the General Data Protection Regulation came into effect in May 2018, organisations are now legally required to undergo a Data Protection Impact Assessment.

When to undergo a Data Protection Impact Assessment

If you choose to undergo a privacy impact assessment at an early stage of the design process, you will be able to use the results to carry out any adjustments which will have to be made quickly, before any of the risks which may have been identified eventuate. The sooner you undergo a DPIA, the more money you will save. After all, it is cheaper to modify an idea than to modify a product. In addition, undergoing a DPIA will help you give effect to the “Privacy by Design” (PbD) principle, which is a key principle of the General Data Protection Regulation.

If you have already developed a product or service, but would like to know more about the privacy risks involved, a DPIA can be very helpful at a later stage, too, since many services and products undergo ongoing development. In this way, you will also have room to remedy the existing privacy risks associated with your product or service through modifications. Since you can still implement any modifications to your product or service at a later stage, you will increase your level of compliance with privacy legislation and prevent the risks associated with non-compliance.

Why undergo a DPIA?

By undergoing a Data Protection Impact Assessment, you will obtain an understanding of the privacy-related risks associated with your new service or new product, e.g. with regard to profiling, big data, drones or behavioural targeting. However, a DPIA will also provide a clear overview of the risks associated with re-use of previously processed data for new applications. You may be subject to a significant fine if you fail to undergo a DPIA under the GDPR. 

By carrying out a DPIA, Considerati’s privacy experts will help you understand how you can further improve your products or services with a view to privacy and data protection. Our privacy consultants will discuss with you how to make the most of your product or service while at the same time safeguarding the privacy of all parties involved.

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