Do you need to appoint a DPO?

The GDPR requires organisations to take measures regarding the processing of personal data. In many cases, this means that you have to take measures to act in accordance with privacy law.

In some cases, an organisation needs to appoint a Data Protection Officer (DPO). The DPO has the task to advise the organisation on how to comply with the GDPR. By having a designated DPO, you can prevent your organisation from several privacy and data protection related risks. For example, in the case of a data breach or a fine from the supervisory authority and all the negative publicity that come with these.

Does your organisation not have the tools or knowledge to appoint a DPO? In that case, we can help you with our DPO-as-a-service.


With DPO-as-a-service, Considerati will register itself as the DPO of your organisation. The DPO is supported by our team of experts. We will take care of all the tasks and responsibilities that are expected from a DPO. These tasks are, for example, monitoring compliance with privacy regulation of provide trainings for the employees of your organisation.

Additionally, as a DPO we will have an advisory role. We will gladly give you advice on all privacy related issues or questions regarding the legitimacy of the processing of personal data.

We will always take your ambitions and goals into account of your organisation, which can be found in the Privacy Governance Program. If your organisation does not have such a program, then we can help you developing one.

With DPO-as-a-service you will get a skilled Data Protection Officer without a large investment.

What specifically can you expect from us? 

Our consultant will take on the following DPO-tasks for you:

  • Training of your employees to improve privacy awareness
  • Monitoring GDPR compliance and other relevant regulation
  • Support with possible data breaches
  • Act as a contact for employees, authorities and other stakeholders in the area of privacy
  • Stay up-to-date with developments in the field of digital technology, data protection and privacy
  • Our DPO has a professional liability insurance, up to 10 million euros

DPO-as-a-service is available short- and long-term. Additionally, there is a choice for a part-time or long-term service. What type of service your organisation needs is dependent on:

  • The size of your organisation;
  • The ambitions of your organisation, in terms of privacy; and
  • Maturity level of already implemented GDPR measures. 

Additional component

A Privacy Governance Program will make sure that your organisation handles privacy and data protection of personal data in a consistent and coordinated manner. If you do not have a Privacy Governance Program yet, then our DPO will be able to support your organisation with developing one.

DPO Support

Does your organisation already have a designated DPO, but is his or her decisiveness under pressure because of lack of time, knowledge and/or resources? We also offer a service called DPO Support. With this service we offer your DPO our Considerati experts, both to support him/her in an operational and strategic manner.

Ask our experts your question

Do you have questions about DPO as a service, or do you have another question? Please do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts are happy to assist you.

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