Ethical questions in AI and other new technology

New technology, such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), raises ethical questions. For the sustainable success of your organisation, trust in technology is necessary. Though there are many ethical principles, handbooks, reports, and assessment frameworks, everything hinges on their translation to practice. Considerati understands the complexity of this issue, and we help you to apply practical ethical frameworks that align with your organisational goals and minimise your risks. 

Successfully implementing digital ethics

The Considerati experts have knowledge about the juridical and ethical frameworks that are important for the responsible implementation of technology, and experience in practically applying this knowledge. This allows us to provide you with clear and pragmatic solutions for ethical questions surrounding new technology, ranging from the deployment of AI to entering the Metaverse or looking ahead at the deployment of quantum technology. 

Considerati takes a broad look at the impact of new technology, and provides advice with consideration to your organisational goals, thus delivering practical solutions for issues that at first glance may seem overly extensive.

Overview of services

AI Gap Assessment & Roadmap

AI not only offers opportunities but also raises questions. An AI Gap Assessment provides insight into the risks around a new application of AI so that you can mitigate these risks, reduce the chance of reputational damage, and be prepared for compliance with the forthcoming AI regulations.

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Digital Ethics Officer

Considerati can make experienced experts available to fulfil the role of (digital) ethics officer in your organisation, whether temporarily or as an outsourcing. From this role, Considerati helps to implement digital ethics in your organisation.

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An IAMA is a valuable tool to determine the impact of algorithms on human rights, provided that it is done properly. The impact on your organisation can be significant, while the issues are complex and involve a variety of roles. We are happy to help you with practical and effective guidance.

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Digital Ethics Framework

With the Digital Ethics Framework by Considerati, your organisation gains a clear framework to implement and assess digital ethics in the organisation, with clear policies, processes, and responsibilities that correspond to your business processes.

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AI Governance

Considerati helps you to set up a practical AI governance structure that matches your organisational goals, maximises the potential of AI, and mitigates your risks.

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Regulatory Impact Assessment

Gain insight into how policy developments affect your business operations, what strategic choices can be made, and what the consequences are.

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