Responsible deployment of AI starts with a good AI governance structure. Whether you produce an AI system yourself or wish to purchase AI and implement it into your business processes, your AI governance structure ensures that the right assessments have been made at the right moments and with involvement of the proper stakeholders. Considerati helps you to set up a practical AI governance structure that matches your organisational goals, maximises the potential of AI, and limits the risks. With the Digital Ethics & Risks Quickscan, you gain a quick overview of the ethical risks around technology deployment within and outside of your organisation. This way, you mitigate risks and continue innovating with confidence.

We use our Responsible AI Guide as a grip for developing the governance structure that is best for you. This Guide is based on the underlying principles of the upcoming European AI-legislation. We look closely at your business processes and organisational goals and deliver tailored advice that is most suited to your situation.

Our projects

Considerati has developed and implemented customised AI governance structures for several public and private organisations. A few examples include:

  • AI governance for a central government organisation,
  • AI governance for an agency specialising in HR-consultancy,
  • AI governance with a special focus on AI procurement for a governmental organisation.

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