Europe is working hard on the AI Act that will regulate AI. With the AI Gap Assessment, Considerati gives you a quick insight into the current level of your organisation’s compliance in relation to these upcoming AI regulations and the principles underlying them. Considerati also provides advice on the best way to increase your level of compliance, with a practical roadmap in which we pay close attention to your organisational goals. As a result, you mitigate compliance risks and reduce the risk of reputational damage, while being able to achieve your organisational goals.

An AI Gap Assessment answers questions such as:

  • What type of AI systems (high-risk systems or low-risk systems) does your company develop or use?
  • What legal obligations must your high-risk AI systems meet?
  • What measures are needed to mitigate the compliance risks?

Our projects 

AI Gap Assessment for a Fintech organisation

For an organisation in the financial technology sector, Considerati conducted the AI Gap Assessment and delivered a practical roadmap as a result. The roadmap provided advice on the priorities and mitigating measures, based on the current text of the forthcoming European AI legislation.

AI Roadmap

For a public organisation, Considerati mapped out the impact of the upcoming European AI Regulation on the organisation’s operations and the deployment of AI within the organisation. We delivered a roadmap that helps the organisation on its way towards compliance with the current text of the upcoming AI Regulation.

Development of AI Impact Assessment (AIIA)

For the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, in a public-private partnership with the ECP Platform for the Information Society, Considerati developed the AI Impact Assessment (AIIA). This assessment combines, among others, NEN standards and ISO standards, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and the forthcoming AI-Regulation.

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