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Privacy is and remains a complex issue, with new risks arising every day. Are you looking for pragmatic privacy advice and its implementation? Our experienced consultants advise organisations on how to deal with their ever-changing data protection obligations and to take active steps in the field of data protection.

Privacy Compliance (check and advice)

Considerati helps you with customised privacy audits, so that the audit focuses on the relevant aspects of your data processing. Our report also provides you with practical and actionable advice on how to mitigate any risks by taking measures.

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Privacy Compliance and maturity audit

Receive a comprehensive audit report, a Considerati audit report and possibly an improvement plan for better GDPR compliance or a self-scan.

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Privacy compliance and maturity scan

Perform a self-scan based on the current standards frameworks of ISO, NOREA, CIP and others.

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Data Processing Agreement

Outsource the entire negotiation process or perform a quick scan of a contract, depending on your needs.

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Licence for processing criminal data

Considerati helps you by drawing up a joint privacy protocol for the submitting organisation and by performing a DPIA. We also offer complete guidance for a successful licensing procedure.

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Cyber Security

Receive advice and assistance on implementing a Responsible Disclosure Policy and establishing an incident response program.

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Data Exchange Between Organisations

We help you draw up the right agreements and advise you on, for example, which data may be shared with which partners, in which cases, who should be the contact point for the outside world, and where data may be stored.

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Privacy Governance

Considerati advises on privacy governance and helps you implement privacy governance programs.

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