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We provide your organization with pragmatic advice and ensure its implementation. We avoid unnecessarily complicated matters without losing the necessary depth. We provide specialist and support for data-related questions and incidents to take urgent measures.

Privacy Compliance (check and advice)

Now that the GDPR has been in force for two years, it is important to have your privacy compliance in order "and to be able to report on it (accountability obligation). Every organization that processes personal data must be able to demonstrate that this data processing is compliant. Considerati helps you with customized privacy audits, so that you focus the audit on the relevant aspects of your data processing. Our report also gives you practical and workable advice to mitigate any risks by taking measures.

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Data Processing Agreement

Considerati has rich experience in drafting, checking, negotiating and improving processor agreements and other contracts to establish privacy and data-related agreements with, for example, your customers, suppliers or other third parties. We can take over a negotiation process for you, or we can do a quick scan on a contract, depending on your question. You will not receive a standard answer from us, but pragmatic help so that you can quickly focus on your core business again.

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Data breach

Do you need help with a (possible) data breach? Then call: +31 20 737 00 69. We also help you with strategic advice about communication with the Dutch Data Protection Authority and / or those involved in the data breach, such as your customers, employees or patients, as well as optimally organizing your incident. response procedures.

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Licence for processing criminal data

In principle, it is forbidden to share criminal data. To still share this information, for example by sharing blacklists with other organizations, you can request a permit from the Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP). However, this permit process is complex and it is not certain in advance that the permit will actually be granted.

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Cyber Security

The importance of cyber security cannot be underestimated. Cyber security is part of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), but also of various specific laws and regulations, such as the Telecommunications Act, the eIDAS Regulation and the NIB Directive. There is also often sectoral legislation that your organization must comply with. Considerati helps you with expert advice.

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Data Exchange Between Organisations

Often (sensitive) personal data is shared in partnerships. In many cases, cooperation partners are jointly and severally liable for joint data processing. We help you draw up the right agreements and advise on, among other things, which data, in which cases, which partners may be shared; who should be the point of contact to the outside world, and where data should be stored.

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Privacy Governance

To ensure your privacy compliance in your organisation, and to roll out the measures in the right places within your organisation, good privacy governance is essential. Considerati has extensive experience in advising on successful privacy governance programs and, if desired, helps you implement these programs. We take into account the characteristics of your organization and the sector in which you operate.

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Privacy Compliance and maturity audit

We test the maturity level of your company with regard to GDPR compliance. Afterwards you will receive an extensive audit report, a Considerati audit statement and, if necessary, an improvement plan for better GDPR compliance. We also offer a self-scan where you can test your company yourself.

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Privacy compliance and maturity scan

Considerati offers you an easy tool to scan your organization for privacy compliance and maturity. This scan is based on the most recent standards of, among others, ISO, NOREA, CIP. This is a self-scan that you can perform yourself, therefore you will not receive a Considerati audit statement as with the Privacy Compliance and Maturity Audit.

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