Why do I need privacy advice?

Sometimes it can be useful for organisations to exchange their clients’ personal data, for instance because of a partnership. However, such exchanges of information are only allowed under strict conditions. Considerati’s legal experts are highly experienced in designing systems in which business partners can exchange data in a manner which complies with privacy protection legislation.

Perhaps your organisation has an excellent privacy policy in place. Perhaps you are wondering why, once you start sharing data with your business partners, you should seek privacy advice once again. However, it is vital that the system (and its components) you and your partners establish to exchange data also complies with legal requirements. Partnerships often involve the exchange of sensitive data. For this reason, you are advised to consider the following issues:

  • Which types of data can be shared?
  • Which types of data can be shared with which partner?
  • Under what circumstances are personal data allowed to be shared?
  • Where are the data to be stored, if indeed they are allowed to be stored at all?
  • Who is responsible for the protection of the data once they have been exchanged?
  • Who will serve as the spokesperson to the general public regarding the processing of the data?

There are many aspects to take into account if you seek to ensure that your data exchange with your business partners complies with privacy legislation.


Experience with Data exchange between organisations

Considerati has many years’ experience of advising on data exchange between public and private business partners, and of establishing systems which will allow them to do so. We will draw up a well-organised document assessing various aspects of the data exchange you are proposing for their compliance with privacy protection legislation. In addition, we will issue recommendations on how best to design a system allowing you to exchange data with your business partners. These recommendations will contain detailed issues such as the distribution of responsibility and liability and external communication. Before issuing our recommendations, we will analyse your project, identify the various duties and responsibilities and identify potential risks. Afterwards, we will discuss with you how to design a data exchange system and how to record the various aspects, and we will advise you on the aspects which pose the greatest risk to your organisation.

Data exchange between business partners tends to require many client-specific solutions, as all partners involved in the partnership must comply with privacy protection legislation. In consultation with you, we will ensure that you are in an excellent position to start exchanging data with others and that your partnership will satisfy the various privacy protection requirements.

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