How does your organization handle personal data?

Fully implementing a privacy policy in your organisation can be a huge task. It is vital that you take a well-structured approach to the task at hand, which takes into account all your priorities. Privacy governance means that you incorporate a privacy policy throughout your organisation in a well-structured manner. By taking steps in a logical order, communicating clearly on several levels and drawing up a consistent policy, you will avoid non-compliance with requirements arising from privacy legislation.

Privacy governance: why?

It is not easy to get a grip on all the ways in which personal data are processed in your organisation. If you wish to treat the privacy of personal details with proper care, your organisation will have to be prepared accordingly. This requires a well-structured and programmatic approach. A privacy governance programme will help your organisation deal with privacy and personal data protection in a consistent and coordinated manner. You may choose to use a privacy governance programme to demonstrate that your organisation deals with personal details in a responsible manner (accountability).

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