Do you want to share criminal data with other organizations?

Your organisation wants to share criminal records with other organisations, to make sure that all joining parties are better armed against criminal offences. Think for example about preventing fraud by sharing "blacklists" within the sector. In principle, it is forbidden to share this kind of data. You can however apply for permission from the Dutch DPA. If they grant you the license, you are allowed to share this kind of data. But the process of gaining a licence is complex and one can not predict success beforehand.

Improve the chances of a succesful licensing process

With the experience and expertise of Considerati, you improve your chances on a succesful process. The advantages of our support are as follows:

  • Considerati sets up a collective privacy protocol for all submitting organisations. Submitters need to have a collective privacy protocol which states how the personal data is processed, and how the intended data sharing complies to the GDPR.
  • Considerati, in cooperation with all parties, carries out the required Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA). Before a request can be submitted, a DPIA needs to be carried out. This because the sharing of criminal data holds high levels of risk for the rights and freedom of the data subjects. Considerati has an outstanding track record in carrying out DPIAs, we will gladly share our professional experience to provide the DPIA with the legal analysis and substantiation required.
  • Complete support during the licensing process, which improves the chances of success. Thanks to years of experience with these kinds of processes and DPIAs, we are very capable of addressing the most important aspects of acquiring a licence.

What can you expect from us in concrete terms?

  • Privacy protocol for the submitting organisations
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)
  • Support during the process of acquiring a licence
  • Project management during the whole process

Ask our experts

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