How advanced are your GDPR measures?

Since May 25th, 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires organisations to take measures regarding the processing of personal data. The rules and requirements of the GDPR aim to ensure that personal data are processed properly. Subsequently, the GDPR helps preventing privacy infringements and other risks regarding the processing of personal data. 

However, does your organisation really satisfy all the requirements of the GDPR? What is the status of the privacy measures within your organisation compared to the competition? Where within the organisation is room for improvement? 

Privacy Compliance & Maturity Scan 

To answer these questions, Considerati offers the Privacy Compliance & Maturity ScanBy means of a self-evaluation and limited deskresearch, you will get an insight into the current privacy measures and how they relate to the Considerati Privacy Standards.  

The Considerati Privacy Standards are developed by our experts and contain all the requirements of the GDPR. With regards to every one of the requirements there is a maturity level, with a scale from 1 to 5. The higher the level, the better your organisation deals with persistently complying with GDPR requirements. 

With Considerati’s Privacy Compliance & Maturity Scan you will quickly have an overview where the organisation is at that point and where improvements can be made. You will self-evaluate your organisation based on the standards from the Considerati Privacy Standards. After determining your ambition (e.g. maturity level 4), you will get an overview with areas of improvement. Within this overview we will describe the necessary steps to become compliant or to achieve the desired maturity level. 

This way you have the knowledge where your organisation stands in relation to the GDPR and you will have a clear overview where improvements can be made and how these can be made. 

What can you expect from the Scan? 

The process consists of three components:  

  1. Self-evaluation: A self-evaluation with which you map your current privacy measures based on the Considerati Privacy Standards. This framework is based on (inter)national standards (ISO, BSI, NOREA, CIP) and 10 years of experience with privacy affairs. 
  2. Report: You will receive a report with an overview of all the findings and the rationale behind these.  With a score lower than 3 (e.g. level 2) we will discuss with you your ambition (e.g. level 4). 
  3. Overview of improvements areas: Thereafter we will draft an overview with areas of improvements. This overview will describe which actions need to be taken in order to achieve the desired maturity level. 

Do you require an expanded Audit? 

Do you require an in-depth assessment of your privacy measures? Including an Audit Certificate?  In that case, we also offer a Privacy Compliance & Maturity Audit.  

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