Does your organization have an adequate voice in shaping the future?

After a crisis, the world can suddenly look very different. It is essential for organizations to continuously keep track of these changing worlds and actively form their own position within it. 

Considerati provides a compass by identifying relevant issues, strategically anticipating future developments and creating a timely and future-oriented public affairs strategy. 

Crisis as a window of opportunity  

Crises increase the need for new policies. Geopolitical, economic or health crises often lead to policy windows; moments when policy is more fluid than usual.  

Organizations that have a clear view of their position and strategy can actively use these policy windows to help shape the future. And, for example, strengthen their political and societal license to operate.   

New policy can have enormous impact 

New policies that emerge during a crisis can have enormous long-term implications. At the time of the global Covid-19 crisis, the first issue that arose was the balance between economy and health. However, more fundamental issues quickly emerged: about de-globalization and protectionism versus strengthening and resilience of global chains; about the choice of Chinese, American or rather European technology; and about investing in the economy we know, versus accelerating innovation to create a robust, futureproof economy.  

The impact of these choices can be enormous - positive or negative. The social and political force field determines which policy options will win. But this is not an isolated process. In fact, organizations who know where they want to go, can actively help shape the future. By presenting their wishes, ideas, and solutions in dialogue with policymakers, they can help shape the future.  

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