How is your innovation received?

The societal debate on technology and the use of data is fiercer and faster than ever before. The speed of digitisation, the application of technology and the impact of (big) data demands organisations to be more aware of this debate. Otherwise, public opinion might become a threat to innovation.

Deployment of technology and smarter use of data offers many opportunities for organisations: government, healthcare, mobility and of course the business community. As users, we take many of these innovations for granted. They facilitate our way of life, work and travel. These novelties become the new standard. However, that same innovation is currently being scrutinized. 

Companies and governments that innovate do something new. They choose for a solution that did not exist up untill then. However, they innovate with existing rules, with how we were used to the application of rules, with expectations and existing interests. This tension creates commotion. And in many cases, such commotion leads to delay or even postponement. 

Acceptance in society is essential to prevent your digital transformation leading to commotion and discussion. For this, you need to be aware of the political and social objections of new applications of technology and the use of data. By setting up a dialogue with stakeholders in advance, you as an organisation can convert risk into opportunity.

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