What is the plan of action for achieving your goal?

We help you create your strategy in order to enhance social and political support or achieve a specific (policy) goal. We support you in all phases of your public affairs strategy and help you formulate sharp questions and demands for decision-makers.

In realising your goals, you are impeded by legal frameworks, delays due to lack of support from the government or you fear a lack of societal support for your company, product or service. However, your specific interest is dependent on political agenda's, the interests of other societal stakeholders and the perception in the media.   

Based on the strategic goals of your organisation, business unit or, for example, a specific innovation, we will formulate concrete, achievable and substantiated goals for legislation, policy and stakeholder support. Together we will formulate your core question to government and politics, with an action-oriented lobbying strategy to realize your demands. This is not limited to the Netherlands, we will also incorporate EU lobby.

We build this strategy based on an analysis of the societal context and possible sensitivities, insight into the relevant stakeholders and our knowledge of the political forcefield. The end result is a fitting story with possible means to realise optimal support for your goals.

We do this through a fixed approach that can support you in one or all phases. From determining the concrete policy question for politics and government, to drawing up and implementing the action plan, to realising your lobbying strategy.

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