Reduce complex stories to understandable messages

The groundwork for success is a clear public affairs strategy and clear positioning of your organisation. Whether you want to build a relationship with stakeholders, or if you want to be involved in creating new policies and regulations, our public affairs advisors help you determine the strategy and positioning of your organisation.

Strategic communication

Based on your public affairs strategy and clear positioning, we develop transparent and clear storylines that contribute to the confidence in your organisation. We help reduce complex stories to understandable narratives that connect to the world of politics, government and media. We communicate these messages clearly and consistently, both in targeted campaigns and in crisis communication.

We are able to assist you in the following areas: 

  • Support for (big) data and technology: Clear and strategic communication contributes to trust in your organisation. We help with conveying the right message to create support for the use of data and technology in a sustainable way.
  • Crisis communication: In the event of data breaches or during enforcement trajectory, it is important to address communication of the organisation properly and quickly. We combine our experience in the field of crisis communication with our legal expertise, so that your communication has the right impact.
  • Spokesperson ad interim: We can support the spokesperson on an interim basis, in good and bad times. For this we work together with experts, who are part of our extensive network. Thanks to our combined knowledge and expertise, we can represent your organisation professionally and deliver immediate results.
  • Crisis communication and media training: A crisis always comes unexpectedly, hence timely preparation is essential. Our training in crisis communication and media can assure you that you can effectively deal with unexpected situations.

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