For many organizations, the proposal for a European AI regulation raises all kinds of questions that should not remain unanswered for too long. The proposal could have a major impact on how your organization develops and uses AI. now is the time to consider what the regulation will mean for you and what steps you can take to be well prepared.

This way you can ensure that you can make strategic choices when developing new AI applications. Considerati supports you with the most important issues to get a grip on the impact of regulation:

What will the regulation mean for us? 

  • Our Regulatory Impact Assessment helps you map out how the proposal relates to your business.
  • Setting up an Algorithm Register ensures that you always have an overview and insight into the AI systems you deploy.

What can we do (now)? 

  • With an AI impact assessment (AIIA) or human rights impact assessment (IAMA) you gain insight into the impact and possible risks of your AI systems. Considerati has many years of experience in conducting impact assessments.
  • With an ethics dialogue, like the guidance ethics approach, we enable you to design systems that by design incorporate (public)values and minimize impact on individuals. We can facilitate various approaches, in alignment with your specific needs. 
  • With legal advice on the application of the standards and interactions with other regulations you can help your internal teams identify related legal issues.
  • With advice on the Privacy compliance aspects of AI systems, such as DPIAs or facilitating data subject rights, you ensure that your systems can comply with the GDPR.

How can we influence the regulation or attitude of our stakeholders?

  • Enter into a dialogue with your stakeholders about your use of AI / algorithms and the trade-offs you make and dilemmas you encounter.
  • With specialist lobby advice we help you to enter into discussions with policymakers in The Hague and Brussels to bring your concerns to the attention.

Other questions?

Or would you like to know how we have been helping governments (ministries, administrative bodies, municipalities) and companies (international (tech) companies, corporates and large SMEs) to realize the added value of data and technology for 15 years now? Contact Joas van Ham at