AI Impact Assessment

New applications of digital technology can have unwanted and unforeseen effects for your organization, stakeholders, and society. With the AI Impact assessment, you get insight into the risks related to a new application so that you can be in control and innovate in line with your risk appetite.

Algorithms and AI offer many opportunities. But these innovations also have risks that must be considered. Problems with algorithms quickly receive a lot of (media) attention and have an impact on internal and external support for your application. Even the behavior of others, such as the supplier you work with, can affect your reputation. That is why it is important to perform an AI Impact Assessment for your projects and services.

An AI Impact Assessment gives you a grip on the legal and social risks of your innovation and consists of a pre-scan, a workshop and feedback/reporting. This provides you with an overview of the risks, possible measures to reduce the risks and an assessment of any residual risks. This produces two major advantages:

  1. You can increase the quality of your innovative service or product in a phase where it is still relatively easy.
  2. You can demonstrate that you apply new technology carefully and responsibly and thus increase support and trust.

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