Ethics dialogue

Do your stakeholders support your innovation? New technologies can raise questions and create resistance. By involving (the perspectives) of stakeholders, you can get a better understanding of the different perspectives and expectations that exist related to your technology. This enables you to innovate more successfully and increase trust in the design phase.

In addition to the intended effects, applications of digital technology can have unforeseen effects. It is precisely these unforeseen effects that create compliance or reputation risks. It is complicated to fully estimate the impact of technology in advance, but it is very decisive for the success of a product or service. Additionally, supervisors and critical stakeholders will increasingly ask whether the development process has been conducted in a responsible way.

Which stakeholders are there and what do they find important? Is the data link that will be used desirable? What are possible side effects of the application? These questions are essential to the success of the application but difficult to answer. That is why we bring together internal (and external) stakeholders in the Ethics Dialogue. Together we examine the properties of the application, what roles the stakeholders have, what positive and negative effects are and which ethical issues van be solved.

Central to this is the application, new technology, product, or service that the organization develops or wants to apply. In the dialogue we evaluate how this application relates to legislation and regulation, and the values of your organization. Participants work together to identify issues and find solutions. In this way, you will gain a good understanding of issues at the start of the development. With concrete handles for solution, you will increase support from those involved, and you can demonstrate that you have started the development process in a responsible manner.

Considerati follows different methods to facilitate the dialogue. Depending on the situation we choose the best form. One of these is the guidance ethics methodology developed by ECP (

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