What is a privacy stress test?

When the GDPR came into effect, your organisation implemented various policies and procedures to ensure compliance. But have you ever evaluated the effectiveness of all your procedures?

For example, the potential ‘incorrect’ handling of a data breach or a client or employee’s request can have a big impact on your organisation. And do you know whether your organisation’s privacy governance structure is clear enough to enable effective action if the supervisory authority should knock on your door?

Our stress testing service evaluates your organisation’s resilience and the effectiveness of the measures and procedures implemented. You can use these test results to improve your compliance on your own or in collaboration with us and ultimately save on costs and prevent reputational damage.

You can choose from 3 different types of stress testing:

  1. Supervisory body simulation: simulation of an audit by the supervisory body to identify risks and vulnerabilities. This test is also useful for promoting internal cooperation in your organisation.
  2. Data breaches: increase the understanding and improvement of existing procedures. You also gain an insight into whether your organisation is capable of handling data breaches in a correct and timely fashion.
  3. Requests from data subjects: gain an insight into whether your organisation understands and is capable of processing requests from data subjects correctly. It is also important for promoting internal cooperation in your organisation.

Our stress-testing has therefore been designed to be used repeatedly (at least annually). The stress test takes an average of 4 to 8 weeks to complete.



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