To what extent are you responsible?

As an Internet Service Provider (ISP) or online platform you will have hundreds or thousands of users sending and storing information every single day. Needless to say, you will be unable to screen all content that is being uploaded and shared through your services. At the same time, you cannot hide behind this statement and pretend that it is not your problem/under your responsibility, either. To what extent are you liable for the illegal content your users share or disseminate using your service, or for copyright infringements by your users? Are you legally required to honour requests by the police and the Ministry of Justice to provide your users’ names and addresses? And what to do in the event of a notice and take-down request? Considerati will provide you with unambiguous and complete answers to questions about your liability as an online intermediary.

Intermediary liability: response and anticipation

We are offering you a complete overview of the scope of your liability as an online intermediary. Because of concrete examples, you will learn more about which types of content are and which types are not unmistakably illegal. In addition, you will be provided with advice on how to act in the event of notice and take-down requests, requests for information by investigation services or abuse of your services. You will not only receive legal advice on your rights and obligations as an online intermediary, we will also help you draw up a complaints procedure. Furthermore, we will introduce you to the right people within the police, the Public Prosecution Service, et cetera, thus enabling you not only to respond to current incidents, but to prepare for future incidents.

Focus on business interests and strategy

Just like your, Considerati operates at the interface of ICT, law and business. For this reason we will not only be focusing on your legal interests but we will also keep a close eye on your business interests, your competitiveness, public opinion and potential damage to your reputation. If anything – say, legislation – changes, Considerati will help you promote your organisation’s interests. That is the advantage offered by a partner who provides strategic advice on policy and public affairs, as well as legal advice.

Respond to incidents, learn to prepare for them and reduce your liability as an online intermediary. Benefit from Considerati’s knowledge of legal and public affairs.

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