The Artificial Intelligence Impact Assessment (AIIA)

The English version of the Artificial Intelligence Impact Assessment (AIIA) that was co-created by Considerati is now available. This impact assessment gives guidance to organizations in identifying relevant legal and ethical issues associated with Artificial Intelligence.

Fast technological developments, shifting public opinion, and increased attention from policy makers demand a serious effort to mitigate risks and increase trust when deploying AI applications. Increased attention for digital ethics and the impact AI might have on our society make a systematic assessment of stakeholder interests and concerns essential for the success of AI applications.

Identification of ethical and legal issues of AI in 7 steps

The AIIA aids in this assessment by providing 7 steps aimed to provide guidance for the identification of relevant legal and ethical aspects of your AI-application. The assessment helps to identify if an AI application is trustworthy, transparent, safe and deployed in a responsible manner. This makes the AIIA essential for organizations that want to innovate responsibly.

The AIIA contributes to an accurate assessment of the risks associated with your AI application. Both public and private organizations can leverage the AIIA to increase trust in AI applications. Performing the assessment is voluntary but sends a clear signal to stakeholders (both internally and externally) that the organization takes the deployment of AI seriously.

Provocative questions facilitating responsible implementation

Considerati facilitates the AI impact assessment through a multidisciplinary team (privacy lawyer, ethicist, stakeholder manager). Through thought-provoking workshops we guide your organization in identifying relevant legal and ethical issues. Based on these issues Considerati provides your organization with actionable advice to implement your AI application in a responsible manner.

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