From our years of experience working with innovative companies, we have put together an interactive workshop on the social license to operate of - especially - startups that disrupt markets with new technologies.
We partnered with the Dutch Startup Association and The Next Web for this event, and on September 28, 2023, Considerati held a workshop at one of the TNW hubs. In this workshop for tech startups, Considerati consultants Paulien van der Lem and Judith de Lange shared the insights about developing and maintaining the social license to operate and why it matters.
Here are several key points that the audience learnt during this workshop:

  • Whether your business model can survive without a SLO, or whether you are actually at high risk in this arena;
  • How to take a 'lean' approach; what you need to work on regarding SLO without losing focus;
  • What choices at the start can save you a lot of hassle and resources at a later stage.


The workshop was "truly eye-opening", in the words of one participant. It is a way of playing our part and contributing to the development of the bigger Amsterdam tech ecosystem.


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