Bart Schermer in New York Times on net neutrality

Although, the principle of ‘net neutrality’ has been around for a couple of years in the Netherlands, the practical execution of the principle remains complex. Last January, the first fines for violating the principle have been imposed on telecom operators KPN and Vodafone. Furthermore, on a European level the discussion on the principle of net neutrality is still going on. Currently, Member States are discussing the scope and details of the provision.

Despite the practical issues of the net neutrality principle, the Dutch provision strikes an example for other countries wishing to introduce a net neutrality principle. Therefore, Mark Scott wrote an extensive article on the Dutch principle of net neutrality in the New York Times. In his article, he distillates the lessons that can be learned from the Netherlands with the introduction of net neutrality in the US. A day after the publication the principle of net neutrality was introduced in the US.

Bart Schermer, partner at Considerati and assistant professor at Leiden University, states in the NYT publication that net neutrality helps to protect consumers and has led to a level playing field for online services.

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