Partners in Europe and the United States

Considerati has extensive knowledge of and experience with the European Union processes and is able to signal when European regulation and policy is relevant for her clients. We make the connection between European decision-making and the positioning of the Dutch government. For some companies, it could be beneficial to expand certain public affairs activities to other countries. For specific matters, we include the local knowledge of our partners. Would you require structural support in another country, we can easily expand our team with local advisors and experts. 

For those clients active in an international context, Considerati collaborates closely with offices in Brussels, Berlin, London, Paris, Rome, Madrid, Copenhagen and Stockholm.

Considerati in Silicon Valley

To bridge Europe and the US, Considerati expanded her network to Silicon Valley with Jan Barnes as Associate Principal Advisor. Based in San Francisco, he represents the gateway to governments in California and Washington. This collaboration is interesting for clients who want to expand their public affairs activities to the US, as for American companies who want to expand to Europe.

Data, innovation and technology require an approach that takes into account the international context. Considerati enables you to dictate the debates relevant for you.  With our combined knowledge of the Dutch, Brussels, European and American market, we offer you tailored advice that can grow together with your organisation.

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