Does the EU affect your organisation?

As the balance-of-power has shifted in the EU post-Brexit, the Netherlands is anticipated to take a stronger leadership role in developing forthcoming key European legislation, such as the Digital Services Act, AI-policies, Competition and the European Green Deal.

Together with our public affairs partners in Brussels and in other European member states, we're able to provide you with bespoke consult on how to navigate the complicated policy making process between Brussels and the key member-state Capitals.  

Many companies may have heavily relied on the United Kingdom as a key member state to hold the balance-of-power for the formation of many free-market driven policies. Who do you call now? How does the domestic political system influence European policy? How is this different from the public affairs practices you may have been used to?

We can help you formulate an initial strategy, focusing on the policy setting in the member state capital, as well as provide insights in the particular intricate Brussels bubble. We work with a set of partners, with knowledge on key partners and themes.. We work with a set of partners, with particular knowledge on key partners and particular themes.

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