Considerati is attending the European Women in Tech event on 28 and 29 June as a silver sponsor. Our Managing Director Legal & Responsible Tech, Judith van Schie, will speak in detail about Responsible AI during an extensive speaker session on Wednesday 28 June. How does she view the progress of Responsible AI? We asked her 5 questions following this event.   

1. Can you briefly tell us more about your career path and interest in technology?

After graduating in IT law and Social Sciences I started my career in 2006 as attorney in a boutique law firm litigating in IT, Privacy and IP cases. As I wanted to work closer to the business, in 2014 I decided to move inhouse, first at a large pension fund, later at Royal Philips, where I was a privacy attorney for several years before joining Considerati in 2020.  My role here is to lead our Legal and Responsible Tech businesses. I take great pride in our good reputation for being pragmatic business partners and trusted advisor to our tech clients, to whom we deliver practical solutions in the legal and ethical domain. Also, I count myself lucky to lead a great team of professionals, eager to develop continuously in a people-oriented workplace. 

2. Could you explain the potential risks of AI for different kinds of organisations? For example, is there a difference in risk between commercial and non-commercial organisations? 

There are many opportunities but also risks to using or producing AI. Commercial organisations need to think about their responsibilities towards their clients, their employees and society as a whole, as trust is a key factor for business success. In other words, businesses need to continuously work on their license to operate. For non-commercial organisations, the same is true and I would say the responsibilities are even heavier for governmental organisations. The Dutch have a good eye for this, perhaps due to the recent scandal around the deployment of AI by our government for child benefits, leading to discriminatory outcomes and great harm to families. 

3. What role does legislation have in this story, for example the EU AI Act? 

I believe there is no one that does not see the urgent need for legislation of AI. Even the founders of OpenAI and CEO’s of big tech call for quick legislation. In all parts of the world legislators are hurrying to provide the necessary guardsrails for this systemic technology that will have an immense impact on us all. I see the EU AI Act and the initiatives in the US as important enablers for creating responsible and trustworthy AI. The key for businesses will be to incorporate these rules quickly and smart into your way of working and products. Those who succeed in this, will gain the trust of the public and have a competitive advantage over the slower competitors. 

4. Many ethical principles, guides, research reports and review frameworks have now been developed around the responsible use of data and technology. How can organisations properly prepare for the risks of AI? 

The right first step is always to determine the goal of your wish to use or produce AI. From there, it is essential to make an assessment of the impact your plan will have on the stakeholders, such as your customers, society, etc. We help our clients with a comprehensive but also practical guide resulting in Responsible AI. It is great to see the value of using tools like digital ethics frameworks and value sensitive design resulting in well-thought through, and beneficial innovation with strong market value. 

5. European Women in Technology offers multiple touch points to learn, experience and network to shine in tech career. Do you see a bright future where women lead the way in technology?


I have actually always seen a bright future for women, but it is nice to see that nowadays there are so many of us in this extremely interesting field. And I do believe it helps to have peers around you, for us all to have support, share experiences – benefitting our products, workplaces and lives. 

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Cherelle Veerman Communication Manager

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