4/12/2023 | Considerati announces opening a new office in Brussels led by Cornelia Kutterer as its Managing Director. The new office will operate from 1 January 2024.


For more than 15 years, Considerati has been advising decision-makers on the opportunities and risks facing their organizations and helping business and governments to embed new technologies and data driven solutions in their operations in a pragmatic, responsible and socially beneficial way. Building on its strong foundation in the Netherlands and extensive international experience, Considerati is now taking a significant step forward by establishing a physical presence in Brussels. With this strategic expansion Considerati is even better positioned to assist its clients through the increasingly complex regulatory landscape of the European Union as well as global geopolitical dynamics.

Considerati’s new office will offer services along its three business lines, including policy and public affairs advice, legal services in privacy and data-related legislation and responsible AI governance services, with Cornelia Kutterer overseeing its Brussels-based operations. In its early stages, the Brussels office will leverage our seasoned team's knowledge to create a strong base for delivering exceptional services in the EU capital, while growing our local team over the next years to position ourselves as a leading legal and public affairs consultancy in Brussels. Our ambition is to empower clients with tailored expertise and insights in these critical areas.

Joining Considerati as Managing Director of the Brussels office, Cornelia Kutterer brings a wealth of experience to the new role. With over two decades of expertise in regulatory, policy and public affairs across diverse sectors including business, legal firms, government institutions, civil society, and academia, she has developed a profound understanding of stakeholder dynamics and policy formation. Her distinguished 15-year career at Microsoft was marked by significant contributions to shaping tech policy and key initiatives within the global geopolitical sphere. In her most recent role there, she led the responsible tech and competition team in Europe, representing Microsoft externally and supporting product lawyers to be ready for a new wave of tech regulation internally. Cornelia is a passionate tech lawyer and AI policy expert and serves in several expert positions, including the OECD expert group on AI, the AI Governance Board of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), and the Governance Board of the Digital Constitutionalism and Policy Centre (DICOPO) Centre. She will continue her position as Senior Research Fellow at the Multidisciplinary Institute in Artificial Intelligence (Chair of AI Regulation) at the University Grenoble-Alpes alongside her role at Considerati.

Ton Wagemans, the CEO of Considerati announced “by taking this step, Considerati now becomes a truly international agency­, and we are thrilled to welcome Cornelia Kutterer as Managing Director of our Brussels office. We anticipate that this marks the beginning of a broader expansion, aiming to establish a presence in key business hubs globally and to offer our clients worldwide services in this swiftly evolving field.”

Cornelia Kutterer expressed her enthusiasm for the role, stating, “I am excited to join Considerati and contribute to its mission of enabling businesses and governments to innovate in a socially responsible and sustainable way. In this rapidly evolving landscape, I look forward to collaborating with our clients, team, and stakeholders to address critical regulatory and geopolitical challenges, ensure legal compliance, and drive responsible innovation."

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