29/01/2020 - De Europese Commissie presenteert: de concrete uitwerking van haar "Regeerakkoord" met alle acties voor 2020. Naast natuurlijk de groene voornemens biedt het stuk ook helderheid over de digitale ambities.

"A Europe fit for the digital age: A new European Data Strategy will enable our Union to make the most of the enormous value of non-personal data as an ever-expanding and re-usable asset in the digital economy. This will cover the best possible use of the potential of digital data and the development and uptake of artificial intelligence that respects our European values and fundamental rights. A new Industrial Strategy for Europe will strengthen our industrial and innovation capacities, while the Digital Services Act will reinforce the single market for digital services and help provide smaller businesses with the legal clarity and level playing field they need."

Ook voorziet de Europese Commissie acties rondom platformwerk en slimme mobiliteit: “We will […] propose ways next year to improve the labour conditions for platform workers. The Commission will also propose an overarching Strategy for Sustainable and Smart Mobility to modernise and green our transport sector.”

De eerste concept voorstellen – Digital Services Act, de Europese Data Strategie en het whitepaper over AI – worden verwacht op 19 februari.  

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