Value Sensitive Design

Do your projects run into issues that should have been managed during development? Many risks of digital technology can only be efficiently mitigated during the design phase. Once the application is used, the costs are exponentially higher to make major adjustments. With Value Sensitive Design methods, you can take into account the legal expectations and stakeholder perspectives during development. This prevents delays, inefficient workarounds, and makes your applications more attractive to everyone.

How do you prevent unnecessary delays in projects because, just before launch, questions suddenly arise about legal requirements, reputation and the (ethical) expectations of your customers? By examining the wishes and (legal) expectations about your innovation throughout the process. Value sensitive design enables you to integrate values into an application or system with a set of processes, methods, and interventions. These elements have different goals, for example identifying key values, stakeholders, and long-term impact.

With value sensitive design you prepare your organization for a new way of making digital impact and you put digital ethics into practice. An approach that puts your users first in a new way and that tackles dilemmas surrounding your application during development (and not only afterwards). In addition, this approach offers various possibilities to demonstrate your responsible innovation efforts to partners, customers, and regulators.

Because value sensitive design taps into the core of your design and development processes, we create a tailor-made approach, including process descriptions, documentation and training courses aimed at your situation. For example, we can train your developers or guide you during the development process as a digital ethics officer.

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