Principles for technology & innovation

During the development and implementation of digital technology, legal and ethical issues always arise, for example about data, user expectations and stakeholder opinions. It is inefficient and risky to solve these issues on an ad hoc basis. Clear principles help your organization to solve issues in a uniform way. This saves time, ensures that your mission and vision are recognizable, and reduces the risk of incidents and reputational damage.

Not everything that is allowed by law is accepted by society. And not everything that is accepted fits into your organizational DNA. How can you ensure that your innovation and development teams develop and deploy the technology according to your principles? New technologies challenge you to put your values into practice. Because the way you employ/use digital technology says something about the values and mission of your organization.

To ensure that your organization has a foothold in the development and use of digital technology, Considerati helps formulate principles for the use of data and digital technology. This requires an understanding of the impact of technology and ethical aspects of data use, the sensitivities of your stakeholders, and core values of your organization. Together we develop workable principles that provide your teams with guidance in the development and deployment of digital technology and help you using technology organization-wide with the same principles. In this way (ethical) issues can be resolved, and it is clear to everyone what is really important what is really important and what risks you as an organization are prepared to accept.

In this way you show your vision on digital innovations and your organization is given the opportunity to propagate it. This avoids having to reconsider each innovation to see how it fits with your broader goals/targets and positioning.

Case: principles for an organization in the financial sector 

An organization in the financial sector wonders how it can challenge its mission and vision in the employment of digital technology “what kind of digital organization do we want to be?” It is clear to this organization that certain values are not automatically guaranteed/secured when using technology. To ensure that applications are more in line with the mission and vision, Considerati organizes a couple of sessions to develop principles that serve the mission and vision. In doing so, we identify which principles may conflict, and which challenges new aspects of digital technology may present. This allows different (technical) teams to make simpler choices that contribute to the vision and mission of the broader organization. This way projects are accelerated, and the organization-wide mission and vision are translated more consistently into products and services.

Depending on your needs, we facilitate the development of a vision and values for digital technology, we examine what is important for your stakeholders, or we translate existing principles so that they can applied in a digital context.

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