Digital Ethics & Risks Quickscan

Do you lack understanding and control over the (ethical) risks relating to technology used in your organization? Considerati’s Digital Ethics & Risk scan gives you an overview of the internal and external risks related technology use. This allows you to manage these risks and continue to innovate with confidence.

Digital technology is essential for modern organizations, but it also carries risks. Unforeseen side effects such as data breaches, dependency on others and high customer expectations can have major impact. Well-intentioned initiatives sometimes appear to have an impact on values that are very important to stakeholders. Reputation damage is done quickly, while the innovations turned out to be inevitable. That is why many organizations ask themselves:

  • What are the blind spots around the technology that we use?
  • Which (third-party) applications and systems pose the greatest risk of negative attention, incidents and reputational damage?
  • How will key stakeholders respond to our use of data and technology?
  • Can we provide a clear explanation of what we do with technology and data if there is an incident?
  • How can we make a positive impact with technology?

The Digital Ethics & Risks Quickscan provides insight into the greatest opportunities and risks associated with digital ethics. To do this, we map out your risks and digital impact. We look at the technology and data you use, but also the mission and values you want to propagate. We also take into account the external expectations. Which laws and regulations play a role? What are other organizations doing? What do our key stakeholders think? We analyze your impact and describe the greatest opportunities and risks for your organization. 

With the results of the scan, you can continue to innovate with confidence/trust because you understand the risks and know how to deal with them. This way, unintended effects can be limited and you can maintain the trust of your customers/clients, users, and other stakeholders.

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