Digital Ethics Framework

Merely awareness of the impact of technology is not enough to make a difference. To integrate digital ethics in your organization, requires clear policies, processes, and responsibilities. With the Considerati Digital Ethics Framework, your organization has a clear framework to implement and evaluate digital ethics in your organization.

A Digital Ethics Framework anchors digital ethics in your organization in a sustainable way. This framework describes and operationalizes the governance of digital ethics. It ensures that you can trust that your organization will work more carefully and that the risks will be reduced. When should which intervention be done? What responsibilities have been assigned? What do we do in the event of a calamity?

We develop the digital ethics framework based on the characteristics of the organization. For example, for small organizations, existing DPIA processes can be broadened so that ethical principles and social acceptance are also considered in new projects. In larger organizations or organizations that regularly must make complex considerations regarding innovative applications, an ethics committee can offer a solution. This assesses new projects against an established framework and gives advice.

Depending on existing structures and processes within your organizations, we set up governance or help you adapt existing processes, so that your organization incorporates ethical and social aspects of technology in a sustainable way.

Considerati's advisors have many years of experience with strategic issues and risk management in the use of digital technology in governments, multinationals, and smaller organizations. Use our experience with legal, ethical, and societal issues surrounding the use of data and technology for a pragmatic and actionable digital ethics framework.

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