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Innovation is essential to continue to stay competitive or to tackle the societal challenges of our time. The growing role of digital technology within your organization creates greater interests, new expectations and critical stakeholders.

The importance and impact of digital technology means that attention to legal, ethical and societal aspects is indispensable for successful innovations. The growing attention in the media and policymakers demonstrates this.

Questions about responsible innovation can increasingly be heard in the workplace:

  • What (future) laws and regulations apply to our innovation?
  • Does our innovation align with our mission and vision?
  • AI discriminates, right? (We're not going to use that!)
  • What is the impact of our innovation on our environment?
  • Why are they always so difficult at "that department"?
  • Everything we do is misunderstood! How are we going to communicate about this new project?

Understand, facilitate, and communicate responsible innovation

Responsible innovation requires, in addition to technical skills, attention to the organizational, legal and social context. Considerati Responsible Tech supports your organization in understanding, facilitating and communicating responsible innovation.


Considerati Responsible Tech helps your organization to understand the impact of your innovation. This applies to (upcoming) laws and regulations, the impact of your innovation on those involved, and the recognition of ethical aspects of technology.


Considerati Responsible Tech helps your organization to facilitate responsible innovation. By developing doctrines and principles for your organization, deploying one of our experts in your project, and designing processes that enable responsible information.


Considerati Responsible Tech helps your organization communicate how you innovate responsibly. With a communication plan for a new project, outreach to stakeholders and policymakers, or if things go wrong with (a plan for) crisis communication.

The Dutch AI Coalition

The Dutch AI Coalition (NL AIC) is a public-private partnership, in which government, business, education- and researchorganisations and civil society organisations cooperate. The Coalition has as its goal to stimulate Dutch activities in AI, and to support and organise when needed. It wants to get the Netherlands in a leading position in the domain of knowledge and application of AI for welfare and well-being. De NL AIC needs to function as the catalyst of AI-applications in our country. For more info, visit:

Overview of services

Regulatory Impact Assessment

Gain insight in how policy developments affect your business operations, which strategic choices can be made, and what the consequences are. Determine your policy position early and make better strategic choices.

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Stakeholder & Ethics Assessment

The stakeholder & ethics assessment provides a systematic analysis of the impact of your innovation on your stakeholders, identification of risks, and opportunities to mitigate these risks. The assessment can supplement the legally required DPIA (Data Protection Impact Assessment) or can serve as a wider evaluation of the social acceptability of your application.

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Digital Ethics Governance

To guarantee the quality and attention to responsible innovation, the right tools and processes must be available for your organization. Depending on existing structures and processes within your organizations, we set up governance or adapt existing processes so that your organization takes ethical and social aspects of technology in a sustainable way.

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Communication of Innovations

We provide strategic communication advice to explain use of data, algorithms and AI, to foster public support.

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Policy Prototyping

The faster (technological) developments take place, the greater the chance that laws and regulations will no longer be appropriate. By proactively designing and testing policies, you can gain a better understanding of the effect of policies on your customers and business operations.

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Digital Ethics Officer

A Digital Ethics Officer connects technical, management and legal roles. Through co-creation sessions, an information desk, or process guidance, we support the dialogue between different roles. We  translate core values, legal requirements, and the perspective of the data scientist in an accessible way for everyone.

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Digital ethics workshop

Recognizing ethical aspects of digital technology enables your organization to innovate responsible and prevent issues later on. We organize accessible workshops raise awareness and enable your organization to identify ethical issues.

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Data Talks

We organize a dialogues with internal and/or external stakeholders to (re)build trust in your operations, technology or sector.

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