Social Acceptance for Technology

The application of digital technologies is essential for you to remain competitive or to tackle societal challenges. This makes your organization more dependent on digital technologies which play an increasingly greater role within your primary activities. Consequently, innovative organizations are confronted with new expectations and critical stakeholders. The question arises: are our ambitions with digital technology socially acceptable? Unfortunately, laws and regulations do not always provide an clear answer to this question. This has two causes. Laws and regulations usually follow technological developments which means you have to innovate in a legal vacuum. Secondly, existing laws and regulation do not give the complete picture of societal expectations and the interests of stakeholders. In both cases a clear societal framework is missing wherein you can test your desired innovations with digital technologies. Due to this you are confronted with (latent) interests and expectations. From your employees as well as external stakeholders such as customers, end users, interest groups and policymakers.

This creates two scenarios:

  1. Halt innovations until the legal framework is clear
  2. Innovate in an unclear environment with postponed legal risks

These scenarios possibly lead to loss of precious time, loss of investment and societal resistance against your innovation. You want to prevent this.

Considerati Responsible Tech

That is why Considerati helps develop your moral guide to innovate in a manner satisfies societal expectations. Moreover, you will be able to prime your organization for upcoming laws and regulation. In practice, this means we support you with the formulation of the core values or your organization. This is the starting point for your innovation strategy for the application of digital technologies. The values, interests and rights of stakeholders are a significant factor for the formulation of your own values and strategy that does not lose sight of your goals and ambitions. Considerati also support the governance of your innovation strategy. For example, think of support and tool for value sensitive of your products and services. Our services help you stay ahead by facilitating the roll out of your short- or long-term digital ambitions without creating resistance in legal or societal realm. 

Our services

The services we offer with Considerati Responsible Tech:

  • Strategy & Value Articulation. Together with your management board we develop a strategic and moral compass that fits the current age. This produces a clear basis of the core values of your organization around the application of digital technologies.
  • Stakeholder & Ethics Assessment. Considerati maps relevant stakeholders, analyses the way the chosen application impacts them and assesses how that might affects their interests, rights and human values.
  • Policy Prototyping. Considerati organizes a ‘regulatory prototyping-sessions in which, with the absence of a legal framework, chosen innovations are tested with stakeholders and policymakers. In this manner, you are able to position your organization for future regulatory development.
  • Ethical Governance. To implement your new responsible innovation strategy in an effective manner an ethical governance structure and way-of-working is essential to implement your strategy successfully.
  • Value Sensitive Design. Considerati rolls out a value-sensitive design methodology within your organization so your employees are enables to develop products and services on the basis of your values.
  • Training and Awareness. This training focusses on the ethical performance of your employees. After this training your employees understand the risks of technologies and its application. 


Considerati is partner of the NL AIC

The Dutch AI Coalition

The Dutch AI Coalition (NL AIC) is a public-private partnership, in which government, business, education- and researchorganisations and civil society organisations cooperate. The Coalition has as its goal to stimulate Dutch activities in AI, and to support and organise when needed. It wants to get the Netherlands in a leading position in the domain of knowledge and application of AI for welfare and well-being. De NL AIC needs to function as the catalyst of AI-applications in our country. For more info, visit:


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