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Deployment of digital technologies is essential for your organisation to stay competitive, create value, and to tackle pressing societal issues. But the ever-increasing role of digital technologies means there is much more at stake for your organisation and its stakeholders. Expectations are higher, stakeholders are more vocal about their concerns and news around irresponsible use of technology is getting increased attention.

Mere compliance is a risk

Laws and regulations typically follow after the introduction of new technologies in the market.  Organisations seeking to deploy these technologies are therefore confronted with a lacking or inadequate legal framework. The result is that these organisations are increasingly confronted with diverging and (priviously) dormant expectations of their customers, associates, interest groups, and other stakeholders. This leads to a host of potential issues ranging from reputational damage to cancelled projects and loss of investments.

This leaves innovative organisations to either halt the deployment of innovative technologies until legal requirements are clear, with the risk of falling behind, or to innovate in an uncertain environment, potentially risking a loss of investments and opportunity.

Considerati Responsible Tech

Considerati Responsible Tech supports organisations deploy (innovative) digital technologies while bridging the gap between societal expectations and legal requirements. This means we help you to articulate your core values, develop a corresponding innovation strategy for digital technologies, and provide you with the tools and training necessary.

Our services help your organisations assess and execute your ambitions bridging the gap between legal requirements and societal expectations for the deployment of digital technologies.

Our services

  • Strategy & value articulation In concert with descision makers from your organisation we formulate your 'moral compass' regarding digital technologies that fits the current expectations of your stakeholders (as indicated through a stakeholder and ethics assessment).
  • Stakeholder & ethics assessment We identify and map stakeholders relevant to your organisation or a specific project. This results in a clear overview of potential issues and identifies ways to increase trust and support.
  • Ethical governance To ensure a succesful execution of your responsible technology strategy we develop an ethical governance structure fit for your organisation.
  • Value sensitive design To provide your teams with the tools and methods to innovate responsibly we deploy 'value sensitive design' tools and procedures in your organisations. This enables all stakeholders involved in the development and deployment of innovative technologies to create services and product that fit your strategy and values.
  • Policy prototyping If existing regulations prohibit your innovative solutions from entering the market, a 'regulatory sandbox' can be a solution. Considerati Responsible Tech facilitates a policy protoyping programme with policymakers and supervisory authorities to provide clarity and to identify opportunities for better fitting regulatory environment.
Joas van Ham Responsible Tech Consultant

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