What requirements must our innovation (soon) meet?

The existing and future legislation can have a major impact on the conditions imposed on innovative technology. To avoid unnecessary risks, conducting a Regulatory Impact Assessment is a good starting point. Considerati helps you to get a picture of how the (forthcoming) legislation affects your organisation or influences the deployment of new technology.

The Regulatory Impact Assessment answers questions such as:

  • Which laws and regulations impact or potentially impact your organisation or innovation?
  • What risks does your company face if the legislation is not properly implemented?
  • What strategic choices should you make before the forthcoming legislation comes into force?

Sector-specific or technology-specific assessments

Considerati is also involved in the development of sector-specific or technology-specific assessments. Examples include the Children's Rights Impact Assessment that is currently being developed in collaboration with the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK), and the Explanatory Quantum Impact Assessment that Considerati produced in a public-private partnership with the ECP Platform for the Information Society.

Our projects

Legal and ethical impact analysis on entering the Metaverse

For a large international retail organisation, Considerati examined the legal and ethical risks of joining the Metaverse. Our report answered, among others, the following questions:

  • Which regulations may come into play in making this strategic choice?
  • What are the privacy risks?
  • What are the ethical and societal risks, in connection with topics such as the environmental footprint?

Policy Prototyping

For one of the leading social media platform companies, Considerati helped to test the AI Regulation in practice. This provided important insights into the application of this forthcoming regulation and its impact on the business models.

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