Deployment of algorithms attracts much public attention, also from the regulatory bodies. The Fundamental Rights and Algorithm Impact Assessment (Impact Assessment Mensenrechten en Algoritmes, IAMA) is an instrument developed by the University of Utrecht that helps to make a systematic assessment about the implementation of algorithms.

Considerati has extensive experience with conducting IAMA’s. Considerati is also specialised in efficiently conducting both IAMA and DPIA (Data Protection Impact Assessment) in parallel and in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). In this case, we deliver both the DPIA and IAMA services for you with a minimal load for your organisation.


Considerati can provide support in different ways when conducting an IAMA: 

  • Process supervisor: Considerati can ensure a smooth realisation of IAMA as a project manager or dialogue facilitator.
  • Strategic ethics consultant: Ethics consultants from Considerati can fill in this role when conducting an IAMA for your organisation.
  • Jurist with human rights expertise: All parts of the IAMA require a legal expert. The experts from Considerati can fill in this role for your organisation.
  • Integration of IAMA and DPIA: If you need to comply with another assessment in addition to the IAMA (e.g. DPIA), we can integrate the implementation of both services as much as possible, thus preventing the duplication of effort and time spent on the two assessments.
  • Engaging stakeholders: Considerati has a broad network and can help with engaging, for example, (citizen) panels, focus groups, or setting dialogues.
  • Awareness and training: Considerati can train your teams in implementing and supporting IAMA processes. This provides your organisation with the knowledge and tools to carry out the future processes with efficiency and impact.

Our projects

Considerati has led several IAMA’s for public and private organisations, often in combination with the execution of other assessments such as DPIA. Some examples of our projects include:

  • IAMA and DPIA of a predictive algorithm related to incident management,
  • IAMA of an HR tool (game-based assessment),
  • IAMA and DPIA of an AI tool in the medical sector.

Ask our experts

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