In-house (interim) digital ethics consultant (Ethics Officer)

Are you looking for an (interim) Ethics Officer? For various organisations and companies, Considerati provides specialised consultants who bring experience in effective application of digital ethics. This can help your organisation with responsible deployment of new technology such as AI. Our (interim) consultants think along with your organisation, assist your team, and keep an eye on the impact of technology and the organisational values.


The Ethics Officer can support your organisation by taking up tasks such as:

  • Providing substantive advice on ethical questions around existing or new technologies where data, algorithms, and AI are central,
  • Advising and guiding data specialists within the organisation,
  • Implementing measures and establishing governance,
  • Increasing awareness and attention to digital ethics among the employees,
  • Playing a substantive or facilitating role in executing the impact assessments such as IAMA.

Our working style is pragmatic, connecting, and constructive. The Digital Ethics Officer can be engaged, for example, in specific projects, for the extra team capacity, or as a ‘quartermaster’ if the practice of digital ethics has yet to be established within the organisation.

Specific questions and needs can significantly differ from one organisation to another. Considerati advises and consults on what role and tasks the Digital Ethics Officer should undertake so that these are well-suited to your organisation.

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