Work as a data-driven and AI-enabled organisation responsibly and with awareness of the ethical aspects. Considerati provides practical advice on the custom-made ethical assessment framework that is tailored to your organisation and takes into account your organisational goals. The Digital Ethics Framework secures the framework for ethical assessment in your organisation and accelerates the execution of your (AI-) innovation strategy.

Considerati is specialised in bringing together the legislation that is relevant to you, the sector-specific and technology-specific normative frameworks, and the expectations of the stakeholders, in a concrete ethical framework. Our help extends beyond the delivery of the framework. Already in the design stage, we focus on ultimately enabling to properly embed the framework into the governance and business processes.


Our services deliver the outcome that works best for your organisation. This can take different forms, for example:

  • Practical digital ethics framework for the organisation,
  • Decision scheme for specific departments,
  • Visuals of the organisational values,
  • Training or workshops for employees, management, or stakeholders,
  • Facilitation of dialogues on innovation and ethics.

Our projects

Ethical assessment framework for data sharing

For a public organisation, Considerati developed an ethical assessment framework concerning responsible data sharing. The organisation had been struggling with requests from third parties regarding data sharing. Though in certain cases there were legal possibilities for data sharing, it did not always feel right. To provide more guidance on this ethical dilemma, Considerati developed the ethical assessment framework. The framework was based on a stakeholder dialogue, the values of the organisation, and the existing normative frameworks. The tailor-made assessment framework has provided this organisation with a generic normative direction that is tailored to the context. Furthermore, the organisation now has a concrete process for proceeding from a data request to the appropriate response. Considerati also assisted in embedding the developed framework into the existing organisational processes and governance of this organisation.

ESG Partner framework

For an international technological company, Considerati has developed an ESG Partner Framework, which allows the company to quickly and thoughtfully weigh which partners and suppliers the company can work with, and which it cannot, based on the ESG criteria.

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