How does your organisation deal with Brexit?

As the United Kingdom is untangling itself from the European Union many businesses are increasingly facing complex political and regulatory issues to continue to maintain access to the European Union and equally the United Kingdom.

Politics and assessing commercial risk can be challenging during the next phase of negotiations, as Brexit is now a reality. Setting up dual (licenced) structures can be expensive. Is it better to be safe than sorry? Or is it an unneccasary cost-centre? Should you engage more with European Member States in order to protect long-term commercial interests on the continent? Should you amend current contracts with your service providers or your clients?

It is difficult to know during these uncertain political times. Businesses need clarity for their long-term European investment plans but will not be able to secure such clarity in the years to come, as we are only entering the begining of the next Brexit phase.

We are here to help with expertise from both sides of the North Sea.

Brexit Services

Insight and intelligence: what policies and trade agreements to expect?

Policy and business impact analysis: what's the impact of such policies on your business? 

Brexit strategy planning: what can you do to mitigate the impact of such post-Brexit policies and agreements?

Advocacy: what are effective routes to influence such policies and articulate your interests to political decision makers in a convincing manner?

Legal advice: which agreements should you amend or put in place to ensure continued compliant cross-border data transfers?

Arjen Leemburg

Arjen Leemburg

Considerati - Amsterdam

Graham McMillan

Teneo - London

Brexit interview

It's easy to forget during these strange times, where every day feels like groundhog day, but Brexit will finally become reality come 1 January 2021. As many businesses are fully consumed by the economic fallout of the pandemic, it's also important not to forget that a deal, or no-deal Brexit will change the way we trade and invest between the UK and the EU for decades to come. Our legal director Judith van Schie explored the business impact on both sides of the North Sea with Bloomberg News's Brexit reporter Joe Mayes.

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