What is your input on the digital policy?

In 2021, the Lower House elections will take place and a new coalition agreement is formulated - the implementation agenda which sets the direction of the new cabinet for the coming four years. Digital policy can be an accelerator or a major setback for your business objectives. In 2020 and 2021, Considerati can help you define an accurate response towards the election program committee, the (period up to the) elections, coalition negotiations, and the next coalition agreement and its implementation.

Whereas digitalisation was not yet top priority four years ago, the consequences of digital technology are now visible and tangible everywhere. There is a geopolitical race between the US and China over who has the best AI, 5G technology and other key technologies. Brussels has made responsible and progressive digital transformation - alongside sustainability - a core objective. In the Netherlands, digitalisation is a political issue more than ever before.

Responsibility of platforms, investment in key technologies such as quantum, resilience against cyber threats, privacy issues, the use of AI and algorithms, the lack of digital skills: all important, but which issue do you think should dominate the agenda? Should politics focus in preventing risks or accelerating the enormous opportunities?

In the year up to the elections, influencing the political system and communicating your company's vision on important issues becomes even more relevant. This is the time to proactively set the agenda for the coming four years. But how do you approach the election program committee with relevant input for the election program? How do maximise the chance that your input becomes part of the election program? Which actors are also imporant in the year up to the elections? How can you have an impact on the coalition negotiations and drafting of the agreement?

Are you unfamiliar with the possibilities, or do you simply lack the capacity to draft a good strategy? Our public affairs team can help you. We have developed a special strategy track which  will preprare you for the coming election year in three sessions.

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