Hands-on and pragmatic public affairs advice

Public opinion on technology, the Internet and data usage is more vehement and faster-changing than ever before. External stakeholders’ attitudes and actions determine your company’s reputation and level of success.

Considerati’s public affairs team advises and supports Dutch and international companies in the technology and Internet domain through positioning strategies and through the promotion of their interests with policymakers and other stakeholders. Our public affairs consultants will help you manage risks and take advantage of opportunities which may arise to improve your reputation and secure a stronger social license to operate for your business.

Public affairs for the digital world

Since we have many years’ experience of supporting innovative companies, we understand your needs better than just about anyone. We are familiar with the issues and developments your company may encounter. We understand how to position your company in a field where public opinion has not yet been fully formed.

Our unique combination of legal expertise, insight in political and societal decision-making processes and access to an extensive network of stakeholders, gives our clients a competitive edge, gets them tangible results and a high level of trust.


Public Affairs strategy

Considerati will help your company deal with the mounting pressure imposed by legislators and well-organised stakeholders through a Public Affairs Strategy. With our knowledge of the digital world we will analyse your company’s regulatory and reputation risks and advise you on your public affairs strategy, reputation management and positioning.

Public Affairs support

Considerati will help you implement your public affairs strategy and build relationships with policymakers. With our expertise and pragmatic approach we increase the effectiveness of your public affairs activities with which you will be more time-efficient.


Ask our experts your question

Do you have questions about our Public Affairs Practice? Please do not hesitate to contact us. Our experts are happy to assist you.