Privacy maturity scan

Are you seeking to implement a privacy policy in your organisation, but are you unsure how to do this? Or have you already implemented a privacy policy in your organisation and are you now seeking to determine how successful your efforts have been? Are you aware of the type of data you process, their level of sensitivity and the risks associated with processing them? A privacy maturity scan can provide answers to all these questions.

When seeking to optimise your organisation’s internal privacy policy, it is vital that you obtain a proper understanding of how the more comprehensive subject of privacy has been implemented in your organisation in general. A privacy maturity scan can help you obtain that comprehension, by providing you with an understanding of your organisation’s overarching internal privacy policy.

The privacy maturity scan: what is it?

Using a comprehensive questionnaire, Considerati will rate your organisation’s maturity with regard to eight different aspects. The scan results will be presented in a well-organised heat map and radar chart. An explanation will be provided for each aspect, along with steps to be taken for improvement, thus directly demonstrating your organisation’s level of privacy maturity and what types of risks pose a threat to the organisation’s compliance with and enforcement of privacy legislation.

The maturity scan is based on the standards of the General Data Protection Regulation. By undergoing a Privacy Maturity Scan, your organisation will be granted an insight into its level of compliance with the standards required by the Regulation. However, Considerati’s maturity scan is more comprehensive than the Regulation as it also comprises various sorts of best practices in the field of privacy governance and compliance.

The privacy maturity model

The privacy maturity model constitutes a baseline for your privacy maturity. This baseline measurement will show at a single glance which aspects of your policy require or could do with some improvement (the so-called gap analysis). The eight aspects will provide you with a clear overview of where to undertake concrete action. If you wish, Considerati can provide your organisation with practical advice, procedures, workshops, agreements and process supervision etc., with regard to each of these aspects.

The privacy maturity scan will result in your organisation’s obtaining an understanding of its current level of privacy and data protection governance and risk and compliance. This is valuable as it will also give your organisation a clear idea of its privacy maturity level, the main potential risks and the steps your organisation can take to reduce these risks. Undergoing a second privacy maturity scan after a predetermined period of time will help your organisation understand what improvements have been made.


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