Check if your (security) measures are GDPR-proof

Has your organisation implemented the appropriate (security) measures for protecting personal data? Are your employees actually processing personal data in the correct way? By having an audit carried out by Considerati, you can ascertain whether your measures are sufficient and whether you are complying with them. 

Our privacy specialists conduct an audit based on interviews and file and/or system analyses. This way, the privacy specialist evaluates whether your organisation’s current procedures and measures align with the privacy legislation (GDPR) framework and are being complied with.

 The scope of the audit will be determined in consultation with you and may vary from a complete audit to an audit limited to a few departments or systems.

What do we need in order to carry out the Privacy Audit?

Dependent on the scope of the audit, amongst others, we will conduct the audit based on interviews with relevant employees. In addition, the privacy expert will evaluate the available documents and look at systems if necessary. This provides a good idea of the extent to which existing measures offer adequate protection and whether the measures are being complied with.

On completion of the audit, we provide your organisation with advice consisting of various detailed points for improvement, which you can follow up yourself or with our assistance.



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