Artificial intelligence

Do you want to start incorporating artificial intelligence (also known as AI) in your organisation, but you worry about the ethical and legal aspects? Is innovation within your company constrained by social insecurity or resistance? Then contact the Considerati experts to obtain advice.

Organisational challenges related to the use of artificial intelligence

AI is a very promising field, but its application raises several questions:

  • What legislation applies to AI?
  • How can I prove that my application is fair, responsible and sound?
  • What information am I allowed to use in my application?
  • What training information am I allowed to use as my application is being developed?
  • How do I increase the trust of stakeholders in my AI application?
  • How can I make sure that my organisation makes a well-considered decision about the use of AI applications?
  • What ethical frameworks can I use in order to develop a responsible application?
  • What upcoming laws and regulations should I consider and how can I influence such legislation?
  • How do maintain a proper overview of the developments and sensitivities in the field of AI?

Practical AI solutions for your organisation

We are happy to help you with our years of experience with issues of data protection, innovative technology and stakeholder management. This experience allows us to bridge the gap between the work floor, legislation, policy-makers and technology. It also enables us to offer practical advice on the responsible use of AI opportunities.

You can rely on us for the following services in the field of AI, divided into four themes:

  • Ethical & legal advice Advice on legal requirements for AI applications; identification of relevant ethical issues. We also carry out AI Impact Assessments for your organization. 
  • Internal dialogue We can facilitate an internal dialogue about artificial intelligence to ensure that your organisation makes well-considered decisions with regard to AI. We also provide strategic communication advice and issue management services to help explain AI.
  • Stakeholder advice and issue management Stay on top of what is happening in the public domain and enter into consultations with the stakeholders in order to generate understanding and support for your AI applications.
  • Algorithm audit Perform an algorithm audit to show that your application is responsible and works properly. 

Do you recognise the challenges above or do you want to know how we can help your organisation to exploit the full potential of AI in a responsible manner? Contact Bart Schermer right now.

Download the AI Impact Assessment document here.


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