2017: Crucial tech policies & court cases with impact

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10 January, 2017

2017: Crucial tech policies & court cases with impact

Dynamische IP-adressen | Considerati

Much is at stake for tech companies in 2017. Many projects that define the future of technology in Europe will enter a final phase. However, the Maltese presidency has limited priorities: roaming chargesradio spectrum allocation, and geo-blocking. For geo-blocking, only preparatory work will be done. The others are almost completed.

The limited ambitions of the Maltese do not mean there won’t be any significant developments in 2017. The e-Privacy proposal will be presented on the 10th of January. And two verdicts are expected on data transfer and the sharing economy.

Do you want to know what else to expect from Brussels in 2017? Or would you like to know the priorities of the Dutch government? Find out in our EU tech briefing.

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