Vint Cerf praises the Dutch approach to IGF preparations

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1 December, 2012

Vint Cerf, founding father of the Internet, attended the IGF in Baku and was charmed by the fun and accessible method of capturing the interest of the youth for the subject of Internet governance. In preparation to the IGF, the ECP and the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs annually organize the NLIGF. This event, of which the student NLIGF is also a part, is meant to organize the Dutch input. Bart Schermer, partner at Considerati, provided the students at this event with an introduction to Internet governance in the form of a cartoony leaflet, specially designed to explain the somewhat difficult subject.

Vint Cerf, upon being presented the leaflet, praised this creative approach. Conversing with Ton Wagemans, he also indicated his appreciation for the amount of effort expended by the Netherlands on preparing for a subject that is set to dominate future political agendas. According to Cerf; “We should assess regulations before they become effective. We should first test their effect on society and think thoroughly about them, because these issues will rise over and over again. Therefore it is most important we educate young people and politicians about this. The way you organize this in the Netherlands is a very good way.”


Nathalie Falot

Senior Legal Consultant

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