Turkey adopts E-commerce regulation – Considerati prepared draft

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28 November, 2014

On October 23, 2014, the Turkish Parliament has approved the Turkish law on Electronic Commerce, which has been in the making for the past three years. The the law is planned to come into effect starting May 1st, 2015. The law serves to harmonise Turkish e-commerce legislation with the European E-Commerce Directive (2000/31/EC).

Considerati assisted the Turkish Ministry of Justice with the implementation of the EU E-commerce Directive, closely cooperating with professor Tekin Memis, professor in e-commerce law at Istanbul Sehr University and Yasin Beceni from BTS law. As technology regulation expert, Considerati introduced Turkey to a public private approach of jointly developing legislation. A method that goes very well with the dynamic nature of the digital environment.

The volume of e-commerce activities in Turkey is growing exponentially. However, up until now there were many gaps between the different bodies of law that regulated electronic trade. The new legislation should uniformly regulate the procedures and principles on e-commerce, helping Turkey to develop a thriving, more secure, transparent and accessible e-commerce environment. For example, the law sees online service providers being obligated to provide detailed information regarding the terms of the electronic agreement. Additionally, before an order is placed, the service provider will have to provide the buyer with the possibility to correct any data that might have been entered incorrectly. Companies have already started to make the necessary adjustments to their web-environments.

For more information on regulating technologies or legislative processes for the digital world, contact Ton Wagemans.

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